Power Generation Technology

Power generation technology is another great  example to understand the technological changes that were made overtime with changing scenarios all around the world. Previously the major energy generation is done by coal and most of the countries were relying on this source only. Coal is still used as are source to generate power in some cases but many new technology has taken place which are now preferred source of power.

Generating power from other sources that coal is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Using many other sources like wind, water, fossil fuels, solar and waste of nuclear activity helps in generating power and they are preferred over coal because of their eco friendly behaviors and Cheaper availability. These resources are mostly never ending and we can consume these resources and make help our earth by decreasing global warming. Natural gas is used widely as a replacement to caol and it is now mostly favoured by every country. Natural gas is less harmful and renewable which makes it ideal for generating electricity. These resources are now enough to run a nation without the usage of coal which is affecting our environment by global warming. Some of the best ways for generating power are listed below.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is safe means to generate energy by using solar panels, it is a new concept but it is becoming more popular because it is more efficient, less maintaining costs are there and it is a never ending resource. This energy can be renewed and used for generating energy with the help of sunlight. This can be a great replacement of current fossil fuel engagement of generating power.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is another renewable source of generating electricity which is closely related to solar energy. Wind energy can be used to generate power for big power plants which use fossil fuels like coal and natural gas which pollutes the environment. Wind energy is environment friendly and helps in reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Wind energy converts the kinetic energy from the wind into power which can easily runs big power plants and many other institutions.

Hydropower Energy

Another environment friendly resource of energy which is considered to be the best resource for generating power. This energy is created from the water that is stored in the dams and derived directly from the rivers by using big spinning turbines. It does not pollute the environment and it is a very good resource for every state and city to generate their own power without asking anyone else. 

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is produced by using uranium atoms and spitting it using turbines and this process is called fission. Nuclear energy is created by generating steam by using heat which is used by a turbine to generate electricity. Using of uranium makes it a little more expensive than others but it is a clean resource and it does not pollute our environment by emitting any greenhouse gases.

These are some of the best alternative to use as compared to natural; gas and coal which are very much efficient, reliable, non polluting and renewable resources which can be used to generate power. Most of the countries are restricting the use of fossil fuel to make their surroundings more fresh and clean.

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