Technology: Good Or Bad?

These days you’ll use your mastercard or debit card almost anyplace. There’s even the technology to swipe credit cards exploitation your mobile phone. Imagine the neighborhood child with a fruit drink stand sporting the Visa or MasterCard asking “Will that be money or charge?” Technology is creating the employment of credit and debit cards additional and more convenient annually, however what’s the price of this convenience? To the common shopper, the apparent value comes within the kind of hyperbolic defrayal.I’m not implying that the technology itself is dangerous. I do, however, question the motives behind new technology once it applies to my defrayal habits. The additional places there are that may settle for credit cards, the additional doubtless I’ll pay cash even once I’m out of money. Is it just me, or will it appear that “new technology” is somehow designed to separate you from your money?

Let’s take into account another recent technological advances that negatively have an effect on your monetary bottom line.

Expensive Technological Changes

1) Satellite Radio – For a monthly subscription value, I will hear my favorite radio personalities bypass the Federal Communications Commission rules and say something they need. the range of channels is big and therefore the quality of the broadcasts is extraordinary.

2) Cable TV – I can’t think about anybody i do know WHO is look free tv any longer. the foremost fashionable shows are on the cable networks anyways. Cancel cable and stop look TV to avoid wasting plenty of cash and use its different instead.

3) Digital Video Recorders – You’ll get an honest VHS recorder for concerning $20 to record shows. Compare that to a DVR that prices an extra $10 per month on your cable or satellite service per unit! I have to admit though, it’s terribly convenient to record a full series with one push of a button. Still, it’s not enough on behalf of me to justify the continued value.

4) Smartphones – the majority lately have high-speed net reception, then again buy it a second time to possess net capabilities on their phone too. Why you’re defrayal more money for identical issue. Telephone firms are creating an honest variety of sales as a result of we tend to are finance cash in this stuff.

I really do like new technology, however I will see however simple it’s to induce frantic with it too. If you’re overpaying on conveniences like these, take into account these cost-saving alternatives:

1) Netflix Streaming – Rather than a high subscription value for premium cable channels and a DVR, why not use Netflix and watch movies and television shows victimization local area network. It’s $10-$15 greenbacks per month rather than $50-$130 per month. The catch is that you simply have to be compelled to look ahead to shows to return out on DVD and for Netflix to permit them to be “streamed.” you’ll pause, fast forward and rewind, similar to a DVR. I feel it’s value waiting after you will save that abundant cash. 

2) Victimization Money – Rather than swiping your positive identification and mastercard, use cash. For belongings you already get, you’ll pay less cash overall. Better yet, if you employ a money envelope system, you’ll have limits on what quantity you’ll pay on gas, food, and recreation. this may stop the overspending related to employing a credit or positive identification.

3) Cheaper net choices – Looking on your supplier, you most likely are paying for additional net than you would like. Some firms supply multiple high-speed information measure choices and it’s terribly doubtless that the most cost effective one is sweet enough for your family. Often, all-time low tier of high-speed net are often 0.5 the value of the best tier, that is usually the option on your net package. If you’re considering going manner right down to dial-up, I wouldn’t suggest this unless you’re very strapped for money.


While technology will actually create our lives easier, there’s a major value for that convenience. For me, I’m happy with what I have: A non-smartphone with speak and text, all-time low tier high-speed net, basic cable helps ME in reducing my uncommon payment.

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